LS Blog - Cisco Meraki PCI Compliance Why It’s the Right Security Solution

Cisco Meraki PCI Compliance: Why It’s the Right Security Solution

Logic Shield is a certified Cisco Meraki PCI Compliance partner. Widely known as the best wireless and network security provider in the industry, Cisco Meraki provides an unmatched degree of protection to businesses.

Their certification process is notably difficult, requiring intensive security knowledge from any company who wants to become a partner. Cisco Meraki also mandates that all service providers keep their products and solutions up to date with the latest advancements in PCI protection.

When we’re working with businesses to enhance PCI compliance across their various locations, we’re often asked why we’ve chosen Cisco Meraki. And rather than just say they’re the best, we show our partners exactly why they can be confident that Meraki PCI compliance will protect cardholder data and other business operations.

It comes down to three key factors: security, visibility and control.


Cisco Meraki provides multiple layers of security, designed to protect all data at every possible touchpoint as it travels from your POS system and into your storage solution. It does this through things like:

  • Firewalls 
  • Encrypted and authenticated Service Set Identifiers (SSIDs) 
  • Threat monitoring 
  • Malware protection 
  • And more

In addition to the security offered to transmission of cardholder data, Cisco Meraki also monitors and tracks web traffic, even keeping your critical business operations separate from other types of traffic that might flow through your establishment. 

Let us give you an example of what we mean: If you have one WiFi network for all web traffic, that means that managers, employees and even guests all have to pass through the same access point. And that puts your most sensitive data at risk. 

Logic Shield backed by Cisco Meraki enables you to segment these data streams into what are essentially completely separate networks. So a general manager might connect and conduct business through a highly secure management-focused WiFi network, let’s call it RestaurantManager_WiFi. Employees may access the POS and scheduling tool through another portal, RestaurantTeamMember_WiFi. And guests may access a less secure, traffic-throttled version called RestaurantGuestAccess_WiFi. 

You can do this up to six times, segmenting your audience as needed to offer the utmost protection. The best part? If a threat is detected in one network, Meraki gives you the ability to shut down that single network while protecting your other data. 

And that leads right into the next major benefit of Cisco Meraki. 


You can’t have security without visibility, and Meraki provides insight into every portion of your network.

Through a highly intuitive dashboard, an IT manager (or Logic Shield, if you opt to let us manage your PCI compliance for you), is able to keep an eye on precisely what’s happening across your network at all times.

Although we say network, it really should be the plural, networks. And that’s because this visibility extends to every single location you’ve chosen to deploy the Meraki and Logic Shield security solution.

At any given time, you’re able to see a real-time view of web traffic within all active networks within your ecosystem. That means you can tell everything from when a general manager is inputting information into their cloud-based accounting software, when an employee runs a customer credit card, a host checks their email while on break, and even what websites your guests visit while connected to your WiFi.

You can go as broad as you wish, monitoring your overall operations to ensure everything is functioning, or you can go granular, homing in on a single network node to see what websites a single person visits.

To give you an idea of just how thorough this visibility is, we had an experience a couple years back where one of our customers had a break-in and some computer equipment had been stolen. It turned out the thieves actually had their phones on them during the break-in. Based on the time of the break-in, our solution was able to pinpoint the unique identifier of the thief’s phone when it pinged off the restaurant’s network at that precise time. This created what was essentially a digital fingerprint that allowed the authorities to trace the culprit.

That’s the level of visibility Cisco Meraki makes possible. However, all the visibility in the world wouldn’t amount to much if you weren’t provided with one more defining factor…


In addition to the astounding visibility you’re provided through Cisco Meraki and Logic Shield, you’re also granted an unprecedented level of control over every aspect of your network operations.

This all happens from a single pane of glass setup that brings all of the data from across your systems and locations into one useful dashboard. Your IT security manager not only visualizes all this data, but they can also interact with it in real-time.

Let’s say a threat is detected at one of your locations: a spoofing attempt has been made on the guest WiFi. Not only will Meraki and Logic Shield alert you to the threat and automatically segment that intrusion from your remaining network activity, but you then have the ability to go in and adjust your security settings accordingly to eliminate the threat.

Or, let’s say a manager leaves the company and you need to shut down their access to your systems, including the in-house terminals and an iPad they took home to conduct accounting work after normal business hours. You can disable that individual’s network credentials and lock them out of sensitive accounts.

You can even whitelist certain websites, prohibit traffic to others, and limit the speed of guest web traffic so that they’re not taking up all your location’s bandwidth when that speed needs to be reserved for your business operations. You can do this across all locations or adjust according to each location’s unique needs.

All of this is accomplished offsite, through a single dashboard.

You Can’t Spell SerViCe without SVC

Security, visibility and control are what separate Cisco Meraki and Logic Shield PCI compliance from competitors. Through an intelligent, intuitive user interface and a series of applications built from the ground up to offer protection and easy management, we can help you take control of your network like never before. 

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